#girlsinmuseums is a digital hub for posts, pics and comments regarding the role of women in the arts and culture.

The Instagram account @girlsinmuseums started in early 2015 and its aim is to collect photographs having as subjects women and girls in museums, galleries and cultural venues.

The photographs are tracked through the use of the hashtag #girlsinmuseums via social networks.

In October 2015 @girlsinmuseums expanded with a Twitter account and hit the milestone of 5000 Instagram followers and 6000 UCG (Users Generated Contents).

Our daily activity is mainly focused on pointing out the gender gap that is still to be found in every field of human activities but that is especially highlighted in the art world, where women artists, curators, art advisors, gallery owners and professionals struggle to achieve high-responsanbility positions.

By doing this, we do not want to fight male chauvinism, men or male privilege.

We want rather to be recognized and defined as person and professional before as women.